Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We are going Mac!

Last spring, our school board made a trip to the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City for a special presentation by Apple Computer. Several teachers and our virtual coordinator joined the school board for the presentation. After a day of learning about the power of the mac in the educational environment, the board was convinced to move to become a Mac School District. This fall we purchased MacBooks for all the high school students, ipads for all the 3rd and 4th grade students and ipod touches for the K-2 students. It was an investment in providing the Centre Students the best in technology solutions.

Our staff has embraced the "new normal" and made big changes in their classrooms. Linda Loder, our technology integration coach, has been an asset to the staff. Mrs. Loder believes that technology needs to be infused into the curriculum seamlessly and has worked with our staff to assist them with the project.

The Laptop Rollout in August was a huge success. Parents and students learned together how to care for the computer. Marla Elmquist from Smokey Valley School District demonstrated the mac laptop and talked with parents about monitoring their children at home when they are on their laptops.

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